International Women’s Day At Kids Inc Nurseries

by Kids Inc Nurseries | 8 March 2022 | News, Blog

Kids Inc Nurseries are celebrating International Women’s Day (#IWD2022) and recognising all of the amazing and inspirational women in our nurseries for the brilliant childcare they provide. So, we asked our team the following questions…

What Does International Women’s Day Mean to You ?

‘To me, International Women’s Day is a day for showing support, and recognising that we need to challenge stereotypes – women can do anything that men do!’

‘It is a time to recognise women and their independence.’

‘It means being a strong independent woman and celebrating all women! Women can do anything!’

‘International Women’s Day is all about being proud of our gender and celebrating all that we have achieved.’

Which Women Do You Admire Most?

My mum – she had six kids and raised us all, even though she struggled.  And now she helps me with my kids and she never moans. She’s always there for me!’

I admire my nan the most because of the way she brought us all up, while still building her career in the police force.’

‘Any woman who manages to juggle kids, a career and running a home gets my vote every time!’

‘I find Stacey Solomon very admirable as she has achieved many amazing things, as well as being a great mother!’

As a Woman, What Are You Most Proud of?

‘I am proud of myself for achieving a distinction in my Level 3 first time and being promoted to a Senior Nursery Nurse at Kids Inc.’

‘Something I am definitely proud of was becoming a mother! I am so proud of my amazing son!’

‘I am proud of my career here at Kids Inc Nurseries. I love spending time with the children, playing with them, telling stories and listening to them.’

‘I am proud of getting through hard times and working on myself for me.’

What Did you Aspire to be Whilst Growing Up?

‘As a child, I really wanted to be a midwife.’

‘I wanted to be a chef!’

‘I aspired to be a teacher.’

‘I wanted to open up my own flower shop.’

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Kids Inc Nurseries are a growing nursery group with twelve sites located in and around the M25 area. We have over 250 employees and we are proud of every one of them and their #KidsIncCareers. Learn more about Kids Inc Nurseries online and celebrate International Women’s Day with us.

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