How Nursery Supports Your Child’s Development

by Kids Inc Nurseries | 19 June 2024 | Blog

At Kids Inc, we know that the early years of your child’s life are some of the most important. During this time, children learn essential social, emotional and cognitive skills that can have a life-long impact. In fact, a study published by the Department of Education found that children between the ages of two and three were more stimulated at nursery due to the interaction with new children and adults, which helped their development.

From experience, we know how crucial our role is in your child’s development phase. We provide a structured environment where children learn to interact with peers, providing the foundation for successful learning and wellbeing. 

So why is nursery important for your child’s early years development?

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Social Skills Development

Our nurseries provide a structured environment where children can interact with other children and adults outside their family, often from diverse backgrounds. This environment helps children develop essential social skills such as sharing, cooperation, empathy, and how to be a part of a group. These interactions are fundamental in shaping your child’s ability to form healthy relationships throughout their life.

At nursery, your child learns to develop conflict resolution skills, teamwork and an appreciation for diversity under the guidance of experienced nursery practitioners. These experiences enhance social confidence and emotional intelligence while teaching social habits such as taking turns, listening and expressing gratitude.

These foundational social learnings give children the skills to thrive in more complex social environments as they grow.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

We understand the importance of nurturing emotional intelligence in children, helping them to recognise, understand and manage their own emotions, as well as empathising with others. 

In our nurseries, children learn about their feelings in a friendly and caring environment. They learn about different emotions through fun activities like stories and play-acting. This helps them understand and talk about their feelings, which is really important for getting along with others and feeling good about themselves.

Also, nurseries help children feel confident and strong inside. They get lots of encouragement and do activities that are just right for them, so they feel happy when they try new things and keep going even when things are tough. This helps them grow up to be confident and able to handle their feelings well.

Cognitive and Language Skills

Children’s cognitive and language abilities are nurtured through engaging and educational activities. Storytelling sessions expand their vocabulary and comprehension by exposing them to new words and concepts. 

Singing songs and participating in interactive play further support language development by encouraging verbal expression and listening skills. These carefully designed activities not only enhance children’s ability to communicate but also lay the groundwork for critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Introducing Routine and Structure

One of the subtle yet significant benefits of nursery life is the introduction of routine and structure. We guide children into a daily routine by introducing designated times for playful learning, creative exploration and nourishing meals.

Adapting to a routine provides a sense of security and familiarity. Children learn what to expect, helping them feel more in control, reducing anxiety and helping them make smoother and more manageable transitions.

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EYFS at Kids Inc

Learn about how the EYFS framework shapes your child’s learning and development with us.

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Easing into School Life

The transition from home to formal schooling is a big step in a child’s life, and nursery education serves as an essential stepping stone in that journey. At Kids Inc, we create an environment that gently prepares your child for the next big step into school.

The social skills and routines learned in nursery directly help prepare children for school life. Children interact with peers, follow instructions from adults other than their parents and adapt to a schedule of varied activities throughout the day. 

Expert Support

Our teams are passionate about your child’s growth and wellbeing. Each practitioner is knowledgeable around Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, ensuring a professional approach to your child’s early learning and development. We create a balanced environment where education meets play, all tailored to the EYFS standards.

We blend learning with fun, using EYFS as our guide. Every activity is designed to nurture your child’s growth across key areas like social skills, language, creativity and more. 

Every child is unique, and we understand individual needs and provide extra support whenever necessary. We take pride in providing a supportive and engaging space where your child can thrive.

Day nursery offers much more than care; it’s an environment where essential life skills are nurtured. We are passionate about creating a love for learning, encouraging exploration and enhancing social development. By providing a supportive setting, we aim to help every child reach their full potential.

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