South Woodford – Ofsted

What do Ofsted say about us?

Our last Ofsted inspection took place in February 2016 and the overall outcome was ‘GOOD’.

The inspection report highlights the following points:

‘The provider and manager set high expectations for children at every stage.’

‘All children make good progress form their starting points.’

‘Children are enthusiastic learners.’

‘Children learn to treat one another with friendship and respect, following the caring example set by staff.’

‘Communication between parents and the nursery is strong.’

‘Leaders and managers have a good understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage.’

‘Staff have effective training that enhances their practice.’

‘Staff are knowledgeable about their responsibilities for keeping children safe.’

‘Staff plan stimulating activities to build on what children know and can do.’

‘Children behave well and are kind to one another.’

‘All children become confident talkers which helps them take part in the wide variety of activities on offer and make good progress.’

‘Children develop the independence and social skills that will help them make the most of the next stage in their learning.’

Please click South Woodford Ofsted Inspection Report February 2016 to read the report in full.