Self-Regulation and Associated Behaviours

locationKids Inc Day Nursery Guildford, Railton Road, Queen Elizabeth Park, Guildford, Surrey GU2 9XT

dateMarch 26, 2024

time10.00am to 4.00pm

Course Learning Objectives

  • Consider brain development and how this impacts self-regulation.
  • Review our environments and our engagement, and how they may contribute towards behaviours.
  • Contemplate how we, as role models, can coach our children to be resilient problem solvers.

The brain and its architecture play a huge part towards self-regulation. Connections that are used more are strengthened and contribute to the building of circuits within the forebrain, which in turn helps our children’s understanding.

We look at the behaviours that we see in our children and also consider why these behaviours may be being observed.

We look at how to help children self-soothe and support the children in our care. We also explore how environments, in addition to our practitioners, may contribute towards children’s associated behaviours.

What You Need to Know

Parking available in our Kids Inc Day Nursery car park. Lunch is included, please leave dietary requirements when booking.


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