East Sheen – Calendar


St George’s Day – Tuesday 23 April
Today we will celebrate St George’s Day by creating British flags and dragons.

International Dance Day – Monday 29 April
From street dance to jazz, today we celebrate all things dance and will try out different types of dancing with our friends.  Which will be your favourite?

Space Day – Friday 3 May
We will be learning about different planets and making our own space suits and rockets. The children are invited to bring in any space books they have at home to share with their friends.

Ramadan – Monday 6 May
We will be learning about the moon and making Ramadan lanterns.

Water a flower day – Thursday 30 May
We will be doing some planting in the garden and watering our flower beds. The children will be painting pictures of their favourite flowers.

Eid – Tuesday 4 June
We will be creating moon and star mobiles with the children and talking about the celebration of Eid.

Father’s Day breakfast – 7:45am to 8:45am, Friday 14 June
You are welcome to dine with your child here at nursery or if you’re in a rush please take a breakfast bag to go.

Butterflies Graduation Day – Saturday 29 June
All families are invited to come in and celebrate the graduation of our Butterflies children, you may wish to bring tissues to this! Afterwards we will be serving some refreshments and nibbles then the children will have some fun with face painting and games in the garden.

Butterflies Prom – 3.00pm to 5.00pm, Friday 15 July
Our graduating children are invited to attend their prom. Feel free to dress to impress!

International Friends Day – Tuesday 30 July
We will be creating gifts for our friends and sharing with each other what we love about our friends.