Chingford – Calendar


Read a book day – Friday 6 September
Children are invited to bring one of their favourite books into nursery to share with their friends. The children in Butterflies will be drawing pictures from their favourite books and sharing these at group time.

Genes for Jeans Day – Friday 20 September
Everyone is invited to wear their jeans for the day. We will have a donations box in the reception area if anyone would like to make a donation to Genetic Disorders UK. The charity support individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder.

Make a hat day – 10.00am to 11.00am, Monday 16 September
Join us for a fun filled morning of hat making, remember the wackier the better! We look forward to you joining us.

Harvest Festival – Monday 23 September
We are asking if parents would like to donate a non-perishable item of food, for example a tin of beans, a packet of biscuits etc. We will be donating all items to the local food bank.

Grandparents day – Friday 4 October
We are going to be making lots of wonderful gifts to celebrate grandparents day and would love it if you could join us to make this occasion extra special.

Nursery Photographer – Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 October
The photographer will be at nursery to take your child’s photo. Feel free to bring in a different outfit for us to change your child into for the pictures. If your child is not in on these days please speak to the management team about bringing them in to get their pictures taken.

Diwali – 10.00am to 11.00am, Monday 28 October
We are inviting all the parents to join us for a fun session in colour mixing. We will be tie dying t-shirts to celebrate Diwali.

Ugly Bugs Ball – 2.30pm to 4.30pm, Thursday 31 October
We will be holding our annual ugly bugs ball for Halloween. Children (and adults!) are invited to come to nursery in your Halloween outfit. The best outfit will win a prize.

Bonfire Night – 10.00am to 11.00am, Tuesday 5 November
Please come and join us in using lots of different materials and colours to make rockets and lanterns. We would love to see you there!

Remembrance Day – 10.00am to 11.00am, Monday 11 November
We would like to invite all family members in to make poppies with your children to mark this important event.

Cake Day – Tuesday 26 November
The children will be having a bake day where we will be making lots of different cakes for you to buy. All proceeds will be donated to Children in Need.

St Andrew’s Day – Friday 29 November
The children will be making Scottish flags using materials and paints. Please feel free to join us.

Christmas card day – Wednesday 11 December
The children will be making Christmas cards to send to their friends at nursery. Please check the internal post box in the lobby to collect your very special card.

Christmas jumper day for Save the Children – Friday 13 December
We are once again supporting Save the Children’s wear your Christmas jumper day. There will be a donation box in the reception area if you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause.

Christmas Dinner – Thursday 19 December
We will be having a lovely Christmas dinner with all the trimmings to start our Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Party – 2.30pm to 4.00pm, Friday 20 December
All children are invited to join us for our Christmas party where we will have a lovely tea followed by a visit from Father Christmas.

Christmas Eve – Tuesday 24 December
All children and staff are invited to wear their Christmas outfits or jumpers to complete our festive celebrations.