Beehive Lane Ilford – Calendar


Firefighters Day – Time TBC, Friday 3 May
Today we are celebrating the dedication, heroism and the importance of firefighters from all over the world. We will be wearing red and blue which symbolises the combination of fire and water, we will be wearing these colours to raise awareness and to support our local firefighters. We will also be arranging for our local fire brigade to come in and visit us.

Sun Awareness Week – Monday 6 May to Friday 10 May
We will be speaking to the children about protecting themselves from the sun, such as keeping out of sunlight at the hottest time of day, wearing sun hats and sun lotion when playing outside and staying hydrated throughout the day. A polite reminder, don’t forget to bring sun cream in.

May Day – Tuesday 7 May
We will be celebrating May Day this year by all meeting up in the garden at 2.15pm and dancing around our very own maypole and using bright coloured ribbon to celebrate May Day.

Breakfast Club – Monday 20 May
This one is for the parents – a treat to make your commute a little easier. Be sure to pick up your breakfast bag on your way out so you can enjoy something yummy.

Disco Day – Friday 24 May
Today we will be channelling our inner disco divas so everyone is invited to dress up in their disco outfits and join us for a boogie!

Water a flower day – Thursday 30 May
Water a flower day is that yearly reminder to show how much we appreciate flowers for their sumptuous colours and fragrant blossoms. The children will be planting seeds they can water them and watch them grow into beautiful flowers.

Ramadan – Tuesday 4 June
Ramadan is a period of prayer, fasting, charity- giving and self accountability for Muslims. We will be celebrating by asking parents, children and staff to kindly donate any unwanted items of clothing or food and we will donate them to our local food/bank shelter.

Eid al-Fitr – Wednesday 5 June
Marking the end of the month long fast of Ramadan, Eid al-Fit is widely celebrated by Muslims. The children will be celebrating by making cards and taking part in fun activities throughout the day. Staff and children are also welcome to dress in their traditional clothes for the day.

The Queen’s birthday – Friday 7th June
Today we will be celebrating the Queen’s birthday, we will be making crowns and doing special activities to celebrate this happy occasion.

Children’s art week – Monday 10 June to Friday 14 June
Children’s art day is celebrated across the country. The children will be showing off their creative skills and having lots of fun doing so.

Father’s Day – 9.30am to 10.30am, Friday 14 June
Father’s day is a day to show appreciation to our daddies and grandads. We are celebrating by inviting all daddies and grandads in to nursery to join in with a fun, messy activity session.

Music Day – Friday 21 June
People from all around the world come together to celebrate the incredible power of music. We think the perfect way to celebrate this is to make our own music! The children will be making instruments and joining in with singing and dancing throughout the day.

Sports Day – 9.30am to 10.00am, Monday 8 July and Friday 12 July
Pre-school will be having their annual sports day on the two dates above to ensure that everybody has a chance to take par.! We will be holding it in the garden (as long as the weather allows!) otherwise we will be holding some smaller games inside the nursery.

Hainault Forest Country Park – 11.00am to 1.00pm, Saturday 13 July
Today we are inviting all children and parents to come along for a fun filled day at Hainault Forest. Please bring your own nibbles and refreshments for your family and join us for some fun games and activities with all your children’s friends.

Space exploration day – Wednesday 20 July
The origins of space exploration day, date back to the first man that walked on the moon. We will be celebrating by talking about space and making rockets and space ships out of recycled materials.

Parent’s consultation week – 9.15am to 4.15pm, Monday 22 to Friday 28 July
The meetings are an important way of sharing knowledge with you regarding your child’s development and progress for the future. Please speak to Karli, Violeta or Toni to book your appointment, times will be available to book the week commencing Monday 15 July. These will be booked on a first come first served basis.

Dental hygiene day – Thursday 1 August
Say cheese! Today we will be welcoming a visitor from the local dental practice who will be speaking to the children about the importance of looking after their teeth.

Parent’s day – Friday 26 July
This is a special day to say thank you to our loved ones and show how much we appreciate them.

International day of friendship – Tuesday 30 July
Today we will be celebrating friendship, and making an extra effort to be kind to our friends. We will also be making friendship bracelets for the special people in our lives.